Forskolin Reviews: Nutritional Fat-Fighter?

Forskolin, it’s a name many have grown accustom to in their hunt for the next weight loss wonder-drug. It’s done nothing short of taken the supplement market the by storm and shows little sign of slowing down. Its endorsement by Dr. Oz has strapped a proverbial rocket to it’s back as a fat burning miracle-supplement as it continues to enjoy its stratospheric rise. From a nutritional point of view, there appears to be evidence, however preliminary, that forskolin does indeed posses compounds which can enhance the metabolic breakdown of fat in the body. One review has identified cyclic AMP (cAMP) as one of the key ingredients which, among other things, increases the secretion of the fat burning enzyme, hormone-sensitive lipase.

It’s widely acknowledged that despite forskolin’s potential, there remains a shortage of peer-reviewed studies to support it’s claims. Indeed, it appears that forskolin is on ‘shaky ground’ and largely ‘propped-up’ by claims made by Dr. Mehmet Oz. This remains one of the key criticisms of the product with many suggesting a money-grabbing scheme and artificially inflated claims.

It goes without saying that any such supplements should be treated with caution and used in conjunction with a health, balanced diet together with regular exercise. If the claims of forskolin are to be taken seriously, they should be the subject of more in-depth inquiry from independent third-party researchers. Until such time where a clearer picture can be formed, forskolin will remain on the fringes of weight loss intervention, second to proven, more sustainable methods.

Good Food Practices for Healthy Teeth & Gums

A healthy diet combined with good dental hygiene is the best form of defense against plaque, cavities and gingivitis. Sure, dental procedures like crowns, fillings and professional whitening are sometimes necessary for functional and aesthetic reasons, but prevention is always the best medicine for a healthy smile. Regular flossing and brushing are both essential, but did you know that the food we eat can have a dramatic impact on the health and appearance of our teeth?

While it’s true that almost any food in moderation is safe and won’t do you any harm, excess consumption of things like candy can cause problems to arise. Foods which contain sugar and starches are the main culprits for tooth decay. Breads, milk, soda, citrus fruits and processed foods like cakes, pastries ‘cling’ to the teeth after which being digested by bacteria found in the mouth are turned to acids. It is these acids which cause the build-up of plaque and erode the protective coating of enamel which creates cavities in the teeth.

While not causing structural problems, there are also food and drinks which can stain and discolor the teeth. Chief among these are red wine, cola and coffee which can gradually ‘dull’ your teeth over time. Professional whitening can undo the damage, but at a cost. The good news is that there are a host of healthy foods that can remove plaque and brighten your smile naturally.

These include berries, cheese, applies, kiwi fruit, celery and carrots and lean protein sources which include lean meats, fish eggs and dairy. As for fluids, you can’t look past milk, green tea and water. Be sure to include plenty of these in your diet and floss between meals for the best results.

You don’t need to cut out any of the foods deemed bad for your oral health, just treat them more sensibly if you’re prone to excess. If you simply can’t do without soda, drink it through a straw or have it with your meal. This will minimize the length of time your teeth are exposed to the drinks acidity and help neutralize its effects.

Naturally, if you have any concerns about your teeth, it’s always best to consult a professional. Living on the sunny Gold Coast, there’s no shortage of dental clinics. Use to find your nearest dentist who can help you with procedures like teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry.

My 5 Favourite Fat Burning Foods

Foods in stomachFat ‘burning’ foods are all the rage these days. Of course, they don’t literally burn fat. What they do is help you lose weight through doing a host of helpful things like keeping you full and increasing your metabolic rate. With that said, here’s a short list of my favorites and why I like ‘em!

1. Nuts – When I’m hungry, I love grabbing a handful of nuts (hah!). I take a small zip-lock bag to work and munch on them during the day. Try and stay away from salted, just go for plain.

2. Cherry Tomatoes – These are awesome when you’ve got a hankering for something sweet. I keep a fresh bowl on my kitchen counter-top and pop one or two when I’m passing.

3. Watermelon – I love eating watermelon with a bowl of naturally sweetened yoghurt. It’s also great to eat by itself on a summer’s day. My dog loves it, too!

4. Popcorn  – This is another great little snack you can make in under 5 minutes. Air-popped is best. Add your own flavorings to a plain bag and enjoy.

5. Eggs – The reason I love eggs is they’re just so versatile. I like to cook 1-2 hard-boiled eggs, refrigerate them overnight, chop them up and mix with mayo and curry powder, then add to salads and crackers.

For a full list of foods, I highly recommend you checkout Leanrunnerbean’s 25 best fat burning foods for women.

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